Huge Plumbing Problem

I was in need of a plumber when I had a huge problem with my plumbing in my bathroom. The problem that I was having in my bathroom was that the hot water tap that is linked to my bath tub wasn’t working. It would work to an extend but as soon as the water gets hot it stops working, not completely but practically treacles water and it is unusable. Due to this problem being a huge inconvenience for me and the family when it comes to bathing I decided I needed to look for plumbers in my area who will sort this problem out right away.


I was looking online for plumbers in Birmingham and fortunately for me I came across a website that looked very smart and professional so I thought I would give the plumber a ring to see if the plumber would be available to fix this problem the same day. Thankfully! He came over the same day to fix the problem I was quite amazed that he came over the same day so I was looking forward to seeing my tap fixed.

I was very happy with the service he had to offer, he was very friendly and efficient too. I will definitely use him again. Now I have a fully working tap that has left me and my family happy too. I couldn’t ask for much more if I am honest.


If you would also like to use the same plumber I used for my problem here is a link to their website.

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Ever Wondered What Underfloor Heating Is?

Have you ever been interested in knowing more about underfloor heating? If you have. What I will be writing about in todays post is a brief breakdown on what underfloor heating is and how it works. Underfloor heating is an alternative heating solution for your home. The way underfloor heating works is by heating up your flooring evenly through powerful heated rods that are placed beneath your flooring allowing you to have warm floors and equally warm rooms. The way the system heats up your flooring virtually turns your flooring into a radiator. Underfloor heating usually runs on electricity this allows you to save money while benefiting from the heating system. Speaking about benefits, a lot of the benefits from underfloor heating are:

  • Warm floors
  • Warm rooms
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t require a boiler (electric underfloor heating)
  • Very low maintenance
  • Very long lasting
  • Opens more room for interior design

These are some of the main benefits from this new heating system. What makes underfloor heating such a smart way is that it is so convenient and takes less power.

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New Promotional Ways

I was interested in new promotional ways to bring more exposure to my small business. I already have a few of the traditional ways to promote myself such as business cards, promotional e-mails and a user friendly website. I had a browse through some marketing catalogues and there were a few very interesting ideas that I came across whilst looking through these magazines but the one that strikes me the most with the best and most practical ideas was a catalogue with ideas involving print. This catalogue belonged to a company called Dr Print.

print pens

I saw some promotional pens that I really liked so I thought I would check them out on their website to find out more information on what they look like and prices etc. Their website is very user friendly and attractive. I found it very easy to navigate their website and find what I was looking for. I rang them up the same day to give me a quote on how much they would cost me and what I can have printed on them and how. I have ordered my pens now and I am just eating for them to arrive.

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Lets Start Learning Again

I decided I wanted to try and pass my driving test and finally learn how to drive. It is such an inconvenience not knowing how to drive not only are you stuck to forms of transport that aren’t as reliable as you hope for them to be and what makes it worse is that these forms of transport are often more expensive than driving and more annoying than a convenience a lot of the time. I know this because I have to deal with this on a daily basis due to traveling to college and my part time job I have in the weekends. It is so annoying luckily for me I have bosses who understand my issues with travel.

Cartoon Car

I use to take lessons before but I stopped taking them I am currently taking driving lessons in Birmingham with an instructor who likes to work with my learning pace which is ideal for me and I think it is the best way to progress and learn. I am hoping to pass soon and I cannot wait to start driving.

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I Want This Car

I was looking to buy a new car finally after saving up for 6 months I believe I am finally ready to get rid of this horrible car I drive at the moment. The car that I have now has been fine for 2 years and now it is just causing me so much stress that I cannot continue to own it due to how unreliable it is. I was after a new used car. I know you probably thinking how can a car be new if it is used? This is a valid question, but what I mean is I want a new car to replace my old one but I want a used car instead of a brand new on from a dealer, so it is a new car.

for sale car

I want to buy an Audi A3, I just love the Audi A3 and I have been looking for one recently. I seen one that I really like. I found this car online when I was looking for used cars Lichfield. I think I might go and pick it up tomorrow.

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Searching For Hot Tubs In the UK?

Searching for hot tubs in UK can be quite a difficult task. Are you wondering why it can be difficult? The main reasons why is because hot tubs are mist popular in America and other hot countries and here in the UK our weather is cold around 80% of the time. The reasons why they can be hard to find in the UK is because the often need to be important and many people do not purchase hot tubs due to the fact of our weather here and how expensive they can be along with possible shipping costs.

hot tub black

This doesn’t mean you cannot buy them in the Uk though. There are many sellers out there who are constantly selling high quality hot tubs you just have to find them! I realised this when I was after a hot tub and I had to do a lot and I mean a lot of searching to try and locate a good quality seller who would provide me with a hot tub. I bought my hot tub form Sutton Spas.

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A Bespoke Jeweller I Found

When it comes to searching for fine jewellery, I am a really fussy person. If you are wondering as to why I am so fussy is because I don’t like to purchase jewellery that is common. The last thing I want to do is spend a large amount of my hard earned money on a very common but expensive piece of jewellery. Having this in mind, I started to look elsewhere for my jewellery and not just sticking to my local jewellers.

gold jewellery

I started to search online for a larger variety of fine jewellery. There are thousands of jewellers out there but Iw as looking for a jeweller who would offer me fine bespoke jewellery. After not too long of searching the internet I came across a jeweller who really interested me. The jeweller was Hamlingtons. Hamlingtons said to offer fine hand crafted bespoke jewellery that is all made by their design experts and there is no middle man involved. They also said that they will create a piece of jewellery to suit my style preferences.

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Promotional Ideas Discussion

We sat down yesterday and had a discussion on how we can promote our business. We were after new and creative methods to promote ourselves because we want to be different. Our company strives to be different than others, we believe that it is good for a company to be slightly different to the generic companies. This is why we want to continue our ways.

promotional pen


This discussion lasted a fairly long time and we all had some very creative and wonderful ideas. Some were better than others, some of them were very innovative and a lot of them were unpractical. We all was told to go out and try and create or buy our idea with the budget we had so we can all compare the ideas and break them down for analysis on things such as, the practicality of it, how nice it looks and if it is worth it etc. My idea was to have some printed pens. Printed pens are common but the pens that I bought were very different. The pens shape was very unique and the print on it was almost holographic in a sense of the way it looked. Everyone really liked my idea and we are going to go through with it!

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Borrowing Her Shredder

I was using my sisters paper shredder to clear out my important paperwork I had lying around in my room that I couldn’t be bothered to throw out and when I did try to throw them out, my mum got paranoid saying you have to destroy the documents first before you throw them out  just to be safe. This is why I had to use a paper shredder. I got to admit the paper shredder was very fun to use. I had a great time shredding my paperwork. I know this sounds a bit strange but it was really fun. The paper shredder I used was a cross cut Fellows shredder. I liked the paper shredder so much I decided I wanted to go and buy one myself for my own room.


I had a look online because I knew there would be a much better variety online than there would be in stores and I was right. I bought myself a very powerful shredder that can shred 10 sheets at a time! I bought my shredder from shreddy gogo.

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Researching Hot Tubs

I was very interested in purchasing a hot tub so I did some research to find out what is good and what is bad about hot tubs. While I was searching for more information about hot tubs I did come across some great reviews, some were better than other but nonetheless it was still a review. After going through a lot of the reviews, most of them came out positive, this made me want to  buy a hot tub for sure.

cheap hot tubs

I realised now that I wanted to buy a hot tubs because I have convinced myself that it is a good idea, I was trying to find hot tubs for sale. I had a long, hard search for genuine good quality hot tubs that were on sale. While I was searching for them I found a website called Sutton Spas. They had a great selection of hot tubs that were on sale and I decided I wanted to go to their store to have a look at one I liked.

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Finding a Replacement Watch

I was after a watch for my mum because her old watch she had went missing and she really loved that watch. I thought it would be a great idea to buy her a new watch and a watch that is very similar to the one that she lost so she doesn’t feel as bad. Fortunately the watch that she did lose had no deep meaning behind it, it was just a watch she bought a few years ago.

white watch womens

I decided to search for watches for women online because it would be so much easier trying to find it online rather than popping into my local watch shop just to see if they have it, which is just a waste of my time and money. I found a few watch shops where you an buy watches online and have them delivered to your home which was ideal because I was after a certain style of watch and I highly doubted that I would get one like it local to me. After a few days having a browse through some sites, I finally found the perfect one. I just have to wait up to a week for the delivery.

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Removing The Colony

I was talking to my friend about wether or not I should call pest control walsall to remove the ants I have building up on my front garden’s lawn. She said it would be a good idea to do so because they can start to become an even bigger problem if you let them settle in. Having taking her words into consideration I decided it would be a good idea to call a pest control company to help deal with this problem.


I called Test Your Pests over to have a look at my front garden and see what they could do to prevent them from building their colony on my lawn. They said they will try a few different techniques to see what works best. They said I they will try the best method first because the ultimate way to remove them is by digging them out and that is something I and a lot of other people are reluctant to do. Th current method seems like it is working but I don’t think it will.

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Destroying My Paperwork

I have a lot of paperwork that needs to be destroyed. By destroyed i mean disposed of in a way that they are completely unreadable and safe. The reason why I want it to be destroyed is because the paperwork is confidential and has very important personal information on them and I want to now that the information is safe by having them destroyed. I did some research on how I should dispose of the paperwork so that it is unreadable. I got up results saying burn them, manually shred them, pay to have them shredded and purchase a shredder.


I thought the best option her would be to purchase a paper shredder because I do not want to have to keep on paying to have them shredded and it is a lot more convenient having a shredder in my home because I don’t have to travel anywhere too plus I can use it to dispose of other paperwork too. I have been looking for a cross cut shredder because those are the higher security ones. I have ordered one already and it should be here sometime soon.

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Be Aware Of Duct Cleaning

Are you aware of the importance of duct cleaning on your property? If you are uncertain as to how important duct cleaning is on your property or household then I suggest you continue reading. What you may discover will shock you.


The sole purpose of the ductwork system on your property is to provide you and everyone else inside the property with fresh, clean air. Having a dirty duct system will dramatically reduce the quality of the air being provided. In fact having dirty ductwork can cause the air quality within your premises to be up to 79% more polluted than the air outside! The sort of pollutants you can find in your ducts are dead spiders, spider webs, dead insects, clumps of dust, insect dropping and most importantly infections. To avoid these pollutants polluting your air and having a negative effect on your health, it is Important you have air duct cleaning done in your property. The last thing you would want is for the bacteria that is forming in your ducts to spread and infect you and the people within the property. Have your ducts cleaned today and benefit from fresh, healthier air for a healthier lifestyle.

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Loft Conversion In Progress

We are currently in the process of having a loft conversion done in out home. For those of you who are wondering why we are having a loft conversion done is because loft conversions are a great way to open up a new room in your home. Not only is it great for that one purpose the loft in your home is usually a place where you never even look at never mind make use of it. It is usually an emtpy space in your home or a place where all the useless stuff is placed and hidden. Although It is important to make use of this empty space, it is still a great idea to have an extra liveable room in your home.

loft converison

This is the main reason why we decide on converting out loft. The progress so far on our loft conversion is very good. The walls are almost ready and the floors are ready for us to replace. At the moment we are just buying more furniture to accompany the room.

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Prom Limousines

It’s the time of year when the prom is coming around, and there is plenty of preparation that needs to be done to make it a memorable night. A key component of the night is to arrive in style, doing so in a limousine is the ultimate showpiece so making sure you have this sorted is important.

When it comes to looking for limousines there are plenty of different companies you have to choose from, but I couldn’t even look any further than Your Limo Hire, who specialise in vehicle hire in areas nationwide across the United Kingdom. Their services cover a fantastic fleet of supercars, limousines, prestige and wedding cars.

Living in the South-East, I looked online for limo hire Essex and contacted a few different companies, but the cheapest quote for the date I needed was Your Limo Hire and placing my booking couldn’t have been a more simple process. When it came to the day the driver was fantastic, and I am pretty certain we wowed most people that saw us that night.

If you’re looking for a limousine its well worth checking out Your Limo Hire online, why not head over to their website at

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Perfect Printing Company

I found a printing company that is perfect for me, the reason why this printing company is perfect for me id because they offer very high quality professional printing solutions to suit my business. They also offer very fun and innovative ways to promote myself and my business itself. I currently purchased some business card prints from this company and they have never let me down. What is also great about this company is they offer in house graphic design too so If I have an idea and I want to get it printed I can ask their designers to work on a design for me and then get it printed straight away.

print advertising

now that I have spoke about the company a lot and have been talking about how good the company is, you would probably want to know what the place is called am I right? Well, the place is called Big In Ink located in Birmingham. They are the number one for printing Birmingham hence the reason why I always go here.

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Need The Extra Room

My family and I needed to make room for another child as we planned on having a child soon but the only problem we will currently face is that we will be in need of another room and we aren’t planning on moving out either because we do love this home and we have worked to get it to the way it looks at the moment. Another option we had was to get an extension done to our home but that is completely out of our budget and I don’t think we will be able to afford an extension.

loft converison

the best idea my partner and I had come up with is that we should get a loft conversions. I thought this was perfect because after all a loft is essentially an empty room but it just needs a structure that is suitable for living in. We have already decided it is a good idea and I have started looking into loft conversions and how exactly I might want it to look like. We are still deciding on how we would like as theres no rush.

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One of the best things you can learn

A few days ago I met my good friend who is a driving instructor. He is a very good driving instructor and has been providing people with driving lessons birmingham for a very long time. The reason why I say this is because I too have benefited from his lesson, I passed my driving test through his service.

Cartoon Car

I have been driving for 6 years now and it is one of the best things I have done in my life, seriously. Being able to drive has made me more free. What I love the most about driving is that I can go where I want when ever I want. With a car I am in control too and I don’t have to rely on expensive taxi journeys or public transport. We all hate busses as much as a convenience they are. One of the main reasons on why I hated buses was because I wasn’t in control of the bus so I found it very hard to plan out journeys. Driving is one of the best things you can learn.

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Various Ways To Achieve Relaxation

I have tried and tested various different ways and techniques when it comes to relaxation and so far my journey to deep mind and body relaxation as been ver unsuccessful. This is the reason why I have created this blog in order to help other who are in the same boat as I am and hopefully you too can achieve the relaxation you deserve. I made it my mission to achieve deep muscle and mind relaxation as other things I tried didn’t work. I had tried things such as listening to music, downloading apps for the iPhone, placing candles, reading books I enjoy and many other ways non of them had worked or worked anywhere near what I was hoping for.

hot tubs

After doing some research online and reading up on ways you can relax and how other people similar to myself who are in the constant struggle to simply relax. I cam across some very interesting other ways in which you can relax. I was very interested in the hot tubs. I knew that hot tubs are a luxury and are always found at luxury spas to aid relaxation but it never crossed my mind once. I did further searching to see if I could buy a hot tub near me by searching for hot tubs UK.

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The Visit And The Repair

I went to visit my father because I haven’t had the time to actually pay him a visit, I just got caught up with life and struggled to make the time. I did manage to make the time to see my father and I went not too long ago, 5 days to be exact. Once I got there he was so pleased to see me and so was I to see him well. When they get to a certain age, a whole bunch of health problems start appearing and I fel for my father in that sense. He already struggles to walk and he can not make it up the stairs un assisted.



My father has a stairlift in his home and it has been working fine for the past years, yes it is very old and it has been doing him well ever since we first got it. Only recently my father told me he was having problems with it. He said that the button doesn’t work properly, the one that send the lift up the stairs and he has to keep pressing it. I called a stairlift repairs guy over to sort it out for him

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Dealing With Sewage

Dealing with sewage is vital. There are many ways in which you can deal with sewage but the best and most efficient way is through sewage treatment. First of all some of you may be wondering how do you treat sewage because of what it consists of and how it is safe, do not worry I will be covering these points and many more. Sewage is waste water that leaves our homes and properties. Sewage is 99% water and only 1% waste. Water is is essential for planet Earth to exist never mind anything that is living on it for example, us, animals, food sources. This is why treating sewage is vital.

Sewage Treatment

The most common and efficient way to deal with sewage is through a sewage treatment plant. Sewage treatment plants are large industrial buildings which collect and breakdown sewage from bacteria and diseases so it is safe to either release back into the environment or to send back to our homes and properties for quick and easy access to clean fresh water. The need for water is substantial, this is the reason why sewage treatment is an ongoing process.

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One Way I Save Money

If you are looking to save a lot of money on your water bills there are many ways in which you can do so but the best way that I have found through experience is by cutting back the amount of water I use. I know this may sound obvious but it is true. The amount of water we use in a day that isn’t necessary is quite shocking.


The best way that I have found to save money on my water bills was by purchasing a water tank. With my water tank I can monitor my usage by looking keeping an eye on the water levels whilst still being able to enjoy my water supply. I have a large water tank. Large water tanks are ideal because they can store a lot of water. Being able to monitor your water usage is a lot easier with a water tank and you do not have to guess how much water you are using like the first few techniques listed. Water tanks are available in various sizes and shapes.

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Need To Replace My Car

I was looking for used car dealers staffordshire because I wanted to replace my old car. The reason why I want to replace my old car os because there are too many problems I keep facing with this one car and it is really starting to annoy me. Not only is it very annoying when something needs fixing on my old car it is also very inconvenient never mind how much it costs me to replace or repair an issue. As much as I would love to buy a brand new car out from the show room and can not afford it so this is the reason why I want a new car but a good used car.

Cartoon Car

I have been searching around online for a dealer near me that would provide me with a car. I am not sure exactly what car I want but I want it to be reasonably priced as well as being good looking too. I have Audi in mind so I am currently looking at Audi’s hopefully I will find one soon.

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My New Pond

I was in need of a land drainage pipe when I was installing my new pond in my back garden. I have always been very keen on fish from a young age and now that I have the income and can afford to keep them I wanted to improve my garden so I could add a pond with fish, the fish I like the most are carps and right now I have 7 of them. First of all you may be wondering why In my back garden and that is okay, I will explain. I love to spend my time outdoors and for me their is nothing like just sitting in your back garden enjoying the weather whilst looking at the fish.


It took a few months to get the garden looking the way it is now and I must say I am very impressed with and I think that the garden I have now is just perfect. I also have a greenhouse where I like to grow my vegetables. I am currently growing tomatoes and bell peppers.

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Find Your Way To Relax

Finding your perfect way to relax i important to truly benefit from relaxing. Relaxing is very important and your body has similar need for relaxation as it has for water and food. So why is relaxation so important? You may be wondering, if you are wondering this then that is a great you show a concern towards your body. The reason why relaxation is so important is because it is what keeps us healthy. Relaxation can be used to relieve stress but most importantly it helps our body recover and feel revived. There are many ways in which you can relax but some of the most common ways to relax is through laying down, reading a book and simply sleeping.

hot tub black

These traditional ways are always great to relax but I like to chose a completely different method. I like to relax by sitting in my hot tub. Hot tubs are greta for deep muscle and mind relaxation. Hot tubs have a similar effect as warmth baths have just that hot tubs are much better for relaxing. The way in which you too can purchase hot tubs UK is online.

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Servicing for my stairlift

I have a stairlift in my front garden, It is reaching the one year mark now and It is time I got my stairlift serviced. The reason why I have my stairlift is because my mother lives with me and she has a few problems with her back which doesn’t allow her to walk for very long, she also is advised to to try and strain it by climbing stairs. She usually uses her wheelchair whenever she is out of the house or her mobility scooter when she is on her own. The stairlift is ideal for her and us. It has been working properly all this year so we know it is ok but we still had to get it serviced.


We decided to call the guy who installed the stairlift in the first place to try and help us out with the servicing. He said it isn’t a problem he will come straight away and give it an inspection. The guy is very nice and efficient. I asked him if he would like to do out stairlift servicing for us every time and he agreed.

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Underfloor Heating Facts & Review

I have had warm floors in my home for a few months now and I do not regret installing them. What I am writing about in this post today is essentially my review on underfloor  heating, I will also be posting facts and negatives of underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is a new heating systems that allows you to have warm floors as well as warm rooms. A few facts on underfloor heating are listed below.


Facts of underfloor heating

  • You will have warm floors
  • You will save up to 30% on heating bills
  • You will have equal heat distribution
  • It doesn’t require maintenance
  • It is easy to install
  • Out of the way
  • There aren’t any sharp corners or hot surfaces you can injure yourself on

Underfloor Heating

Those are some of the key facts about underfloor heating. I have benefited a lot from underfloor heating, not only have I saved a lot of money with this system I have also benefited from complete comfort. The warm floors are just perfect, it is such a nice luxury to have in your home. The comfort levels are very high due to the way the heat is distributed too. Overall I love underfloor heating and I would advise anyone who can, to install it now.

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Repaired My Dads Scooter

My dad is of old age now and he has a lot of difficulty walking and is unable to walk long distances and often requires the aid of his mobility scooter, he uses his mobility a lot. He has to use when he goes out because he isn’t able to drive anymore. I went to go visit him a few days ago because he told me his mobility scooter wasn’t worker.



I had a look at the scooter and I couldn’t find the problem that was causing it to stop working so I called up a good friend of mine who can do mobility scooter repairs, he is the got to guy when it come to problems with mechanical equipment. He came round and had a good look at the mobility scooter and told me that the only problem with it was that the mobility scooters battery ran out and needed replacing he told me he could replace it for me it’s not a problem. He replaced it quick and easy and didn’t charge me much for it.

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Reduce My Water Usage

One thing I found out when I water my garden is how much water I use just to maintain my lush green land. There isn’t that much of a problem in terms of water bills but I need to cut down so I can save a little money that can be used for other things. I did some research an how I can cut down on my water usage and save money in the meantime and a lot of people said that owning a large water tank would be ideal.


The advice I was getting is that large water tanks are perfect because you are able to store huge amounts of water and with a water tank you are naturally limited to the water you will use because you will always be worried about running out. Another good thing about water tanks is you con monitor your water usage and keep on track to see how much water you have used. This is ideal for me and I think I will really benefit from a water tank.

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Heating Issues Fixed

I recently had some issues with my central heating system. It got to a stage where it was so bad, that I had to call out a plumber to give my heating the once over to see if there are any problems may or may not find with the system and issues that needs to be fixed. The problems I was having with my heating was that the heating system was never giving out he amount of heat I would set it too and it would also struggle reach a temperature even halfway close to what I set it! This was very disappointing and it was also costing me a lot of money to run a poor heating system.


I called a heating specialist over to give the heating a look and he was quick to the conclusion. He said to me that the problem with my heating was due to the large build up of iron dioxide in my pipes and heating. He said to me that I need to purchase and install a power flush. He said power flushing will resolve this issue and clear any build up.

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New Additions To My Bathroom

I had my bathroom done recently and I am really pleased with the way it looks at the moment. It is a modern design bathroom with neutral colours. We have white walls with one black feature walls, white tiled flooring (I really like the flooring). Some of the new additions to the bathroom include a new modern looking toilet and a hot tub! The hot tub was the best thing I could have ever bought in my opinion. It’s a luxury you would never imagine to be in your own home.


The reason why is mainly due to the price of hot tubs. I luckily found hot tubs for sale around my local area. I live in Sutton Coldfield and I found a hot tub dealer called Sutton Spas who had a great variety of hot tubs at a great price too. This was perfect for me as I was looking for a specific colour of hot tub. I wanted my hot tub to be black and white mainly so it would match my bathroom. I am very pleased with my hot tub and so happy I have it!

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Catch Up With My Friend

I went to visit my friend a few days ago. She lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother is a such a lovely lady, she makes the best food I can imagine and the best cookies. I know this may sound a little stereotypical but believe me it is most definitely true. I popped over to hers because I haven’t seen her in a while and I thought it would be about time we caught up and spent some time together.


We spent most of the day talking to each other and about what we have been up to since the last time we met and what are your plans for the future. After we finished whatever we was talking about we headed out to get a meal. I know grandmas cooking is the best but you still can’t beat a bit of pizza on a friday. Once we got home we spent the rest of the night watching TV and just having a great time. My friends nan was resting and told us to look out for the stair lift servicing guy she had called over.

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Where Your Water Comes From

Have you ever wondered how fresh clean water reaches your for everyday use? If you haven’t, it is not a problem at all, since most of us was old enough to understand the world around us a lot of us have water that is easily available anytime you want it in the comfort of you own home. For this reason it can easily be overlooked and not taken into consideration that the water isn’t exactly free so to speak and there is a a lot of work involved to making sure that water is clean and safe to drink or use for whatever purpose.

Sewage Treatment

This water that is pumped into our home is waste water or most commonly known as ‘sewage‘. Now here you might think, hold on a second. The water I use and drink is sewage, this is partially correct however, i’ll continue to explain. Sewage is 99% water and only 1% waste. This water is then lead to a sewage treatment plant where it is treated to clear any contaminants like bacteria, diseases and to basically purify the water for reuse. Once this process is complete it is then sent throughout our homes and the cycle continues.

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My Trip To Bullring

I made a trip to the Bullring in Birmingham city centre with my mates. We had a great time, didn’t really know what we was after and just spent the whole time in the Bullring just eating and shopping around. While we were shopping around we popped into a watch shop and had a look at the watches for men. I really liked some of the designer watches they had there but I wasn’t to keen on the variety they had but I was very interested in buying on at this point.

gucci watch

After finishing up in Bullring I asked my friend if it was okay with him if we could pop to the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham so I can have a better look at designer watches and hopefully purchase one that same day. When we got there we noticed there many jewellers in this one place and the best thing about the quarter was the variety of styles each jeweller had. It didn’t take me long to compare each place and find the perfect watch. This was the whole reason why I wanted to come here for my watch.

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I always wanted a hot tub!

I have always wanted to purchase a hot tub but never really knew where to go to get one. Hot tubs are very expensive so I knew I would have to look at cheap hot tubs. I found a website that sells cheap hot tubs and it  was in my local area.

hot tub black

The reason why I love hot tubs is because my friend has one and I really enjoy going down to her house to use it but mainly it’s the sensation of being inside a hot tub. It’s nothing like lying in a bathtub because the hot tub is specifically designed to target troubled areas whilst giving you a true deep relaxation.  I have found a hot tub I like, It has 4 seating arrangements, 4 cup holders and a built in radio all for just £1,000. I know £1,000 is still a lot of money but it isn’t for the hot tub style that I am about to purchase. I can not wait to purchase this hot tub.

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Money Making Metal

Platinum wedding rings make a lot of money in todays market. The reason why platinum can be so popular is because the metal is a lot purer than any other metals used for jewellery and has a natural bright white shine whereas, white gold is mixed with other compounds to produce it similar look. The most common platinum jewellery are platinum wedding rings. There us a huge market for platinum weddings rings with many different jewellers who provide who may provide with platinum weddings rings.

platinum ring

Platinum wedding rings are usually accompanied by a gem, the most popular gems are diamonds. It is important when purchasing a platinum wedding ring or any ring in fact, that the diamond is certified. Certified diamonds can be bought from most fine jewellers. Diamonds can easily be replicated and to the untrained eye it is very difficult to tell the difference. Buying authentic jewellery is also great for when you want to get your jeweller valued or if you would like to sell it, even for peace of mind.

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Pest Prevention

There are all sorts of pests your home could get infested by unless you take certain measures to prevent them from occurring. The reason why pests like to infest our homes is because our homes provide us with the same need as pests require and that is, warmth, protect from the element, provides shelter, food and protected from predators.

These are the reasons why our homes are prone to infestations if we don’t be careful.  There are certain things you can do to prevent an infestation and that is to not leave food easily accessible to pest, good house keeping and general pest prevention treatment.


The reason why I am stressing this point is because I recently had an infestation of ants in my home and this was due to a lollipop that had been dropped by my child in the home. It was knocked under the sofa and wasn’t visible. We just noticed a trail of ant just crawling from around our sofa and I just guess they found an access point around there but it was only when we moved the sofa forward we noticed the lollipop covered with ants I had to call pest control Sutton Coldfield and they cleared the infestation.

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My New Heating System

I recently had underfloor heating installed in my home to replace my old central heating system. The reason why I wanted to replace my old heating system is because I didn’t like how uneven the heat spread was and that it was costing me loads of money and the fact that I like very simple interior design and the radiators just get in the way of that.

These are the main reasons that made me switch to underfloor heating. The best thing about underfloor heating for me was the warm floors, walking on warm floors is a great feeling and the equal heat distribution just made it even better. What I noticed over time was that the heating system didn’t cost a lot to run and was very efficient. There are loads of other benefits too like, maintenance isn’t required for underfloor heating rods, ideal heat profile, out of the way and out of sight.

Overall I am very pleased with the underfloor heating and I do recommend this system to others.

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My Search Is Over!

I have been searching for a platinum wedding ring for my soon to be wife! I have been looking through many platinum wedding rings jut to find, what I believe to be the perfect one. I asked a friend of mine to see if he knew anywhere I could go to get a good deal on a platinum wedding ring and he advised me to go and visit the Jewellery Quarter. I decided to take his advice and pay this place a visit, he also said they sell diamond rings in Jewellery Quarter.

platinum ring

I had never been here before and I was very surprised on how busy the place was and the variety of jewellers you can find here. What I liked the most was the jewellers where very local, so I could easily browse through the jewellers and compare the wedding rings available. I was so pleased I took the advice of my friend because I now have what I believe to be the perfect ring and I am sure she will love it.

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